"The Tango shines when this 'porteño' interprets it. Sinesi did come to show us that the music of Buenos Aires city continue giving beauty and passion. Outstanding composer he did play his own compositions."
Guitar Festival Rio Cuarto, Argentina. Andres Natali (Argentina '99)
"Sinesi has fingers but not to impress with jugglings. His hidden virtuosity is the sustain of musicality."
Rene Vargas Vera 'La Nacion' (Argentina '99)
"The opening number 'Timoteo and the pearl' is composed for the Jazz Par concert as well as the closing number 'Ahi va el negro', while the remaining six compositions are Kroner compositions rearranged for the occasion specifically for Kroner's current Dream Quintet and the concerts two poignant and outstanding Argentina guest- soloist, guitarist Quique Sinesi and the bandoneon player Dino Saluzzi."
'Jazz Par Event' Per Calum '98 (Denmark)
"Quique Sinesi und Daniel Messina zeigten sich am Abend in der Feuerwache motiviert, erlebten das Publikum als Partner und überzeugten durch ihr Zusammenspiel. Zuhörer meinten, das erste Konzert dieses Abends wäre das überzeugendste gewesen."
'Jazz Fest Magdeburg' Ludwig Schumann '98 (Germany)
"About CD Soltando Amarras Sinesi & Moguilevsky. One of the best Argentinean CDs published in the last times."
'Pagina 12' Diego Fischerman '98 (Argentina)
"Sinesi is considered by public and specialized press one of the most representative and prestigious guitarist in our country."
Pablo Romero Escalada '98 (Argentina)
"The Sinesi CD Cielo Abierto is without doubt the best recording for guitar recorded until now in Argentina by one Argentinean musician."
'La Contumancia' Carlos Pages '95 (Argentina)
"One of the many joys of my recent visit in Buenos Aires was meeting and hearing Quique Sinesi. He became -instantly- one of my favorite guitarists."
Jim Hall