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  Quique Sinesi
  Color Cielo
  Andanto (4:10)
2.   Seras Verdat? (4:08)
3.   Huainito de bienvenida (3:06)
4.   Color Cielo (4:24)
5.   Puedo Escucharte (3:51)
6.   Hojas de Abril (2:59)
7.   Cada vez que siento tu amor (4:32)
8.   Alas desplegadas (4:44)
9.   Donde quiera que estes (4:03)
10.   Expreso al corazon (4:06)
11.   Espejismos (3:31)
12.   Cruzando el puente (2:52)
Album Info
I feel ... that making a CD is for musician like making a painting for a painter or writing a book for a writer. It synthesizes experiences, images, feelings and moments of life. In the case of 'Color Cielo' it's based on songs where the simplicoty of the melody is most important and having the opurtunity to make music with musicians that I've admired for a long time like Charlie Mariano and Markus Stockhausen. They unfold all their sensibility in the music. Some tunes are based on the sounds of argentinean music with the influence of world music, inspired by the things that feed our feelings and help us to be in contact with the more simple. Again the presence of the place where I was born can be sensed its countryside and its 'Color Cielo'.
Special Thanks: To Klaus Genuit for proposing the idea on this CD and putting so much dedication and care into this work and for making it the best possible. To Charlie Mariano, Markus Stockhausen, Mitchel Forman, Wolfgang Haffner, Mario Argandona and Klaus Genuit for all the feeling and art they transmitted to may music.
General Thanks: To Gustavo Marguilies and Epsa Music (, my family for their good company, Constanze Schliebe, Oscar Trezzini, Sabine Alonso (Foto prensa), Walburga Glatz, Marie Luisa e Nipolito Gracia, Daniel Messina, Gillermo Frei e Ingue for their collaboration, Angela and Sergio Teran for their hospitality, Pablo Gracia and Natalie, all the new friends in Berlin and to all the people who helped to make this CD possible, thank you.
The musicians: Quique Sinesi: acoustic guitar, 7 string spanish guitar, guitar, piccolo guitar, charango; Charlie Mariano: alto sax; Markus Stockhausen: flügelhorn; Mario Argandona: percussion, voice; Mitchel Forman: grand piano, keyboards; Klaus Genuit: Bass; Wolfgang Haffner: Drums
all compositions by Quique Sinesi
produced by Klaus Genuit

Some comments about the music:

· What does 'Color Cielo' mean?

'Color Sky' is the song that gives the CD the title. It's inspired by the sky that accompanied me since I was a child in Argentina. I think making a CD is for a musician like making a paintin for a painter or writing a book for a writer; it synthesizes experiences, feelings and moments of life, 'Color cielo' tries to get to the most simple, putting the focus on the melody, it's a CD of songs with 'airs' of argentinean music and elements of world music. There are 5 tunes with the group, 5 duos with sax and some colors of percussion, one duo with fluegelhorn and one solo guitar.

· Can you tell aus something about your influences and musical history?

I was born in Buenos Aires. The music that I heard most when I was a child was traditional tango and folklore from Argentina, later I began to play and to hear rock and jazz. I studied classical guitar for some time. When I was 17 I began to play with many musicians there and I learnt a lot from them playing different kinds of music: jazz-rock, condombe, fusion folk etc. When I met Dino Saluzzi I felt the necessity to be closer again to the argentinean popular music but for a different perspective. In the 80's we formed the trio 'Alfombra Magica' (contemporary music from Buenos Aires) with the musicians of the ' Dino Saluzzi quartet' Matias Gonzalez (bass) and Horacio Lopez (drums). In the 90's I was invited to play with Pablo Ziegler's 'Quintet for new tango' (ex Piazzolla's pianist). I also played several concerts playing solo in duos or trios performing my own music (with Marcelo Moguilevsky, Gustavo Paglia, Charlie Mariano, Juan Falu, Walter Castro etc.).

· Do you prefer for playing music solo, in duo, trio etc.?

I am interested in becoming part of the music. When this magic happens to me it's the same playing solo, duo or in a group, but I recognize that to play alone is not the same as playing with other musicians, the chemical changes depending on the interaction and energy of each musician is something mobile. When I play 'solo' I feel that interaction directly with the public.

Tunes (some lines about the songs)

Andando: Originally was composed with the 'Candombe' rhythm of Rio de la plata (Uruguay and Argentina). Here it is recorded with the group (drums, piano, keyboards, bass, percussion) and I play a piccolo guitar with a sound maybe more brasilian.

Seras verdad: It is a very simple song, also played with the group. It's inspired by my wife and the time when we met.

Color Cielo: Dedicated to the sky of my country 'Argentina'.

Cada ves que siento tu amor: Inspired by all things that give us their love through nature.

Puedo escucharte: It was recorded with many guitars, drums, percussion and bass. It's based on Candombe rhythm with some rock sounds.

Cruzando el puente: Another Candombe, but this time for solo guitar. (Dedicated to Dara)

Alas Desplegadas: It's a duo for fluegelhorn and guitar with one of my special guests (Dedicated to Markus Stockhausen)

Expreso al corazon: One of the duos we recorded with a musician I've admired for a long time. (Dedicated to Charlie Mariano)

Donde quiera que estes: 'Air' of milonga, condombe with guitars and percussion with a solo from Charlie. (Dedicated to Maria Luisa)

Hojas de abril: It's based on the rhythm of Zamba argentina; duo with Charlie.

Huaynito de bienvenida: It's a song with Huayno rhythm. (Bolivia, Peru, North Argentina) Duo with Charlie with some percussion from Mario Argandona and some additional sounds. I played charango. (Dedicated to Augusto, my son)

Espejismos: Another duo with Charlie; it's a song in 7/8 featuring his improvisation.