Born on March 13th, 1960 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
He studied classical guitar with Liliana Morelli, Patricia Labadie, seminar with Abel Carlevaro, jazz guitar with Alejandro Moro.
He studied harmony and composition with Juan Carlos Cirigliano and Jorge Labrouve.
He started to play in public in 1974 with Matias Gonzales on bass and Mario Montielo on drums, afterwards he played with different jazz and rock musicians such as Pedro Aznar, Ruben Rada, Celeste Carballo, Mono Fontana, Lito Epumer, among others.

1977: 'Madre Atómica' (group), (fusion music).

1979: 'Raíces' (group), (candombe fusion).

1982: 'Dino Saluzzi Quartet' (Saluzzi: bandoneon and composer, Matias Gonzales: bass, Horacio Lopez: drums).
They play in the jazz festivals of Zurich, Köln, Hamburg, Leipzig, Berlin.

1983: He forms the group 'Alfombra Mágica' with Marias Gonzalez and Horacio Lopez. They play in many concerts with invited musicians such as Manolo Juarez, Jorge Cumbo, Gustavo Bergalli, Philipe Barre, Bernardo Baraj, Juan Barrueco, Osvaldo Fattoruso, Chango Farias Gomez, Mono Izarrualde, Ruben Rada and others.

1985: He played with 'Alfombra Mágica' in Mardel jazz festival. The press refers tothem as 'The revelation group'.

1986: Forms a duo with the bass player Cesar Franov

1987: Several solo performances and also with invited musicians.

1988: Performances with soloists like Julio Lacarra and Chany Suarez.

1989: As a soloist in the 'Solo set' in Mardel jazz festival in Buenos Aires. First
recording as a soloist with a book containing the registered compositions.

1990: Plays with the new formation of 'Alfombra Mágica' with Pablo Ledesma (saxo), Hugo Marino (drums) and Matias Gonzalez (bass) in the Mardel jazz festival with the danish trombone player Erling Krone.

1991: Improvised live recording for the Melopea discographic company with: Fats Fernandez, Bernardo Baraj, Cesar Franov, Horacio Lopez, Daniel Binelli and Lito Nebbia.
Forms a contemporary tango duo with the bandoneon player Gustavo Paglia.
Plays on the record of Erling Kroner.

1992: New word as soloist for Melopea records.
He is invited to a tribute to Astor Piazzola, by the quintet featuring Pablo Ziegler on piano, Fenando Suarez Paz on violin, Hector Console on contrabass and Nestor Marconi on bandoneon.
Plays in a performance with Silvia Iriondo and Manolo Juarez.
U.S. Tour with the Pablo Ziegler quartet playing in the New Orleans and New Mexico festival "Music of the Americans".
Tour with Dino Saluzzi 'Mojotoro Proyect'. They travel to Europe playing in the 'Umea jazz festival' (Sweden), 'Leverkusener Jazztage' (Germany).

1993: Plays in a duo with Gustavo Paglia in the Mardel jazz festival.
Takes part as a soloist in the first 'International Encounter of Guitar' in Argentina where 20 important musicians from different parts of the word participate.
Latin American tour with Pablo Ziegler playing in Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) and La Paz (Bolivia).
U.S. tour-plays in New Mexico's 'Santa Fé Chamber Music Festival' (tribute to Piazzola), 'Salt Lake City festival' (Minnesota).
European tour, plays in Germany, Greece, Italy and England.

1994: II. International Encounter of guitar in Argentina with Juan Falu and Luis Borda, 14 studies of fusion guitar (Ricordi).
Duo with Marcelo Moguilevsky (saxophon, flutes, harmonica).
Tour with Pablo Ziegler, U.S.A., Pennsylvania, Canada, Toronto.
With Silvia Iriondo, contemporary folk singer, concerts in Spain.

1995: V. International Guitar festival in Chile (Temuco, Santa Bárbara, Santiago de Chile).
Guitars of the world festival in Buenos Aires.
Festival 'Mar del Jazz '95' (Buenos Aires).
Concerts with Antonio Agri and Litto Nebbia.

1996: Etno Jazz cycle (Puerto Madryn, Argentina).
Tour with Silvia Iriondo. Spain (Madrid, Bilbao). Colombia with Pablo Ziegler (Bogotá, Medellín).
Concert in duo with Lukax Santana. Festival de Música Latina in London.
Solo concerts in Germany. (Köln and Karlsruhe).

1997: Tour in Germany (Misa criolla).
Concerts in Germany, Sweden and England 'solo' and with different groups.
New CD 'Danza sin fin' with guests: J. Falú, M. Moguilevsky, G. Paglia, C. Aguirre.
'Festival guitarras del Mundo '97'
Concerts in Argentina with Carlos Rivero and Cesar Franou, with Silvia Iriondo.
Concerts 'solo' and with the group.
'ALFOMBRA MAGICA' in Buenos Aires.
Concert with George Haslam in England and Argentina.
Gitarren Festival Paderborn (Germany) with Marcelo Moguilevsky, tour Germany and Switzerland.
Edenkoben Gitarren Festival (Germany), 'solo'.
Concers with Silvia Iriondo in Italy and Germany.
Guitar festival Malmö (Sweden), 'solo'.

1998: Germany tour with Marcelo Moguilevsky: Jazz festival Jena, Ingoldstadter Jazztage, Magdeburg, Moritzburg, Berlin etc.
Special invitation with Silvia Iriondo and Carlos Aguirre 'Amnesty International', Italy.
'Jazz Par Event' in Denmark (In tribute to Jim Hall, winner of this prize) playing with Erling Kroner Quintet and Dino Saluzzi.
Solo tour in Europe.

1999: Istambul Guitar Festival (Turkey), 'solo'.Concert with Charlie Mariano (Soest, Germany).
Tour with Dino Saluzzi group (23 concerts in Germany)
Solo Tour in Germany: Köln, Wuppertal, Koblenz, Stuttgart, Mönchen Gladbach, Bergisch Gladbach.
Festival Guitarras del mundo, Argentina: Buenos Aires, Rio Cuarto, Cordoba, Parana, Mendoza, SanLuis.
Tour with 'Misa Crilla' with Dino Saluzzi (Italy).

2000: Guitar Festival Cagliari (Italy), 'solo'.
'New Tango Duo', featuring: Pablo Ziegler & Quique Sinesi, guest: Walter Castro.
Tour: Germany, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland.